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Advancing Health Care Access: HB 935 Clears Committee Hurdle in Florida House

Advancing Health Care Access: HB 935 Clears Committee Hurdle in Florida House

Medicaid Government Affairs & Advocacy

HCAF is thrilled to announce a major stride in our efforts to combat the health care workforce shortage in Florida. On February 2, 2024, the Select Committee on Health Innovation in the Florida House of Representatives unanimously passed HB 935, a top priority for HCAF during the ongoing annual legislative session.

HB 935, sponsored by Representative Gallop Franklin (D-Tallahassee), introduces an innovative solution to the workforce shortage by granting advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) the authority to order Medicaid home health services, aligning seamlessly with federal law. Section 3708 of the federal CARES Act permanently authorizes non-physician practitioners, including physician assistants and nurse practitioners, to certify Medicare and Medicaid home health care services. While this federal policy is fundamental, its successful implementation requires corresponding modifications at the state level. The granting of authority to APRNs for ordering home health services represents a vital legislative step in expanding access, especially in underserved areas with physician shortages, and meeting the diverse needs of our growing elderly population.

It's noteworthy that two provisions from the original version of HB 935 (sections 1 and 2), allowing contract nurses to conduct initial admission, service evaluation, and discharge visits, were removed due to technical issues. However, there is potential for these provisions, also a priority for HCAF, to be reinstated as the bill progresses through the legislative process.

Next Steps: Senate Consideration of SB 1798

The journey for HB 935 continues as the Senate gears up to review its counterpart, SB 1798, on Tuesday, February 6, in the Health Policy Committee. We eagerly await the Senate's deliberation on this critical legislation, recognizing the positive impact it can have on health care accessibility and addressing workforce challenges in our state.

Legislative Session Bill Tracker

HCAF's policy team diligently monitors various bills in the legislature impacting the Florida home care provider community. Regular updates will be provided as developments unfold.

For an updated listing of state legislation monitored by our team, please visit our members-only legislation tracker here. We encourage you to bookmark this page to stay informed about upcoming policy developments.

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