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Executive Leadership Transition: A Message of Transition and Gratitude

Bobby Lolley

Executive Leadership Transition: A Message of Transition and Gratitude

Association News

It is with a heavy heart that we share some significant news regarding our HCAF family. After nearly 16 years of dedicated service to our association, Bobby Lolley, our esteemed Executive Director, has made the decision to step down from his position at HCAF effective May 31, 2024, due to health reasons. Bobby's decision reflects his deep commitment to the Association's well-being and his belief that stepping down now is in the best interest of both the organization and himself.

Bobby's health challenges have prompted ongoing medical assessments, including consultations with specialists. While the exact nature of his condition remains unspecified, his physician has confirmed that the serious neurological symptoms are not related to a brain tumor or stroke. Despite these challenges, Bobby's decision underscores his dedication to upholding the high standards of leadership expected within our Association.

As you all know, Bobby has been an integral part of our organization, and his dedication, passion, and deep commitment to our mission of advocacy, education, and resources for the Florida home care community. His advocacy efforts have been instrumental in advancing our cause, supporting you in building and sustaining your businesses, and his sincerity and friendship have left an indelible mark on all of us who have had the privilege of working alongside him. Bobby has been the face, voice, shoulders, heart, and muscle of HCAF. From his endless wealth of connections and expertise to his driven desire to pave an easier way for home care providers and the patients they serve, to his natural ability to inspire us all, encouraging us with his infectious smile, his legacy will endure. We’re grateful for his leadership and friendship. His departure leaves big shoes to fill, but the HCAF Board and staff wholeheartedly support Bobby's decision and wish him the very best as he focuses on his health and well-being. We wish him many good, long, and healing hikes, adventures, and meaningful and fun times with his wonderful wife, Jane, and both of their extended families.

While Bobby's retirement will leave a void in our hearts and minds, we also look ahead with optimism. Denise Bellville, HCAF’s Vice President, has been appointed to succeed Bobby as the next Executive Director, effective June 10, 2024. Denise has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, strategic vision, and a profound understanding of our Association's goals and objectives over the multiple decades of volunteering and serving on HCAF’s Board, including two terms as President. The Board and staff are confident that under her guidance, we will continue to thrive and achieve new heights of success.

We invite all members to join us in honoring Bobby's legacy by sharing your memories and well-wishes as he embarks on this new chapter of his life. Please take a moment to sign the online card dedicated to Bobby, celebrating his contributions and offering words of encouragement for the journey ahead.

Thank you, Bobby, for your exemplary leadership and dedication. Your impact on HCAF will endure, and we wish you all the best. Let us also extend our warmest congratulations to Denise as she assumes her new role, guiding us toward continued success.

As always, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support of HCAF. Your dedication and commitment to our organization empower us to continue our mission of serving and advocating for the home care community.

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