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Your Vote Counts! HCAF Board Election: Cast Your Ballot by May 17

Your Vote Counts! HCAF Board Election: Cast Your Ballot by May 17

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Your voice matters! It's time to shape the future of our HCAF community by participating in our Board of Directors Election. Last month, we opened the floor for nominations, and we have been pleased with the response of people interested in running this year and potentially next year. This year, we're delighted to present 15 highly qualified candidates vying for six positions.

Now, it's your turn to cast your vote and make a difference. Whether you're a Certified, Private Duty, Combo, or Associate member, your vote is crucial in shaping the leadership that represents your interests.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Voting Deadline: Please submit your ballot online by Friday, May 17, at 5:00 PM ET.
  • Representation: Provider members elect the Region Director seats, while Associate members elect the Associate Director seat.
  • Voting Rights: Each member is entitled to one vote within their membership category. Combo members have two votes.
  • Write-In Candidates: Feel free to specify an eligible write-in candidate if none of the listed candidates align with your vision.
  • Voting Guidelines: Ensure your vote counts by casting it within your region and membership category. Multiple votes or votes from ineligible regions or membership types will not be counted. If we receive more than one vote per membership, we will use the first one that we receive. We urge you to vote early, but NOT often!

Your participation is paramount, so we encourage you to vote and make your voice heard. Together, let's shape the future of HCAF!

Ready to learn about the candidates and cast your ballot? Click here!

Thank you for your continued support and active participation in HCAF and our election process. Your dedication strengthens our community and helps drive us forward.

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