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Department of Elder Affairs Unveils State-Mandated ADRD Training

Department of Elder Affairs Unveils State-Mandated ADRD Training

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The Florida Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) has released the highly anticipated Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders (ADRD) one (1)-hour training video, now accessible on the department's website. This resource is designed to enhance the basic knowledge of ADRD among direct care workers, contributing to the overarching goal of improving the quality of care provided by licensed care settings, including home health agencies.


During the 2023 Florida Legislative Session, lawmakers passed HB 299, establishing Section 430.5025 of Florida Statutes. This statute outlines universal ADRD training requirements for various care provider types, including skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, nurse registries, homemaker/companion service providers, health care services pools, assisted living facilities, adult family-care homes, adult day care centers, and care settings offering specialized Alzheimer’s services. These requirements replace individual training mandates for each license type.

Impact on Home Health Agency Personnel

For home health agencies, the new statute stipulates the following:

  • FOR ALL EMPLOYEES/CONTRACTORS: Basic written information about interacting with individuals with ADRD must be provided to each employee/contractor upon commencing employment. This is not a new requirement.
  • FOR ALL EMPLOYEES/CONTRACTORS INVOLVED IN PERSONAL CARE OR REGULAR PATIENT/CLIENT CONTACT: One (1)-hour training program developed by the DOEA, as referenced above. Upon completion of the training program, participants are required to fill out and submit the training certification form. This is a new requirement.
    • For individuals who began employment or contracted services with a home health agency before July 1, 2023, completion of the necessary training by July 1, 2026, is mandatory.
    • For individuals who began employment or contracted services with a home health agency on or after July 1, 2023 (but before the training became available), completion of the training by November 21, 2023, is crucial. A statutory provision allows these individuals to opt for a previously approved ADRD course within the required 30-day timeframe, providing a timely alternative to the recently available DOEA training. Proof of completion of equivalent training before July 1, 2023, will substitute for the required training.
  • FOR ALL EMPLOYEES/CONTRACTORS INVOLVED IN PERSONAL CARE OR REGULAR PATIENT/CLIENT CONTACT: Two (2) hours of training must be completed within seven (7) months of commencing employment. This supplementary training covers areas such as behavior management, promoting independence in daily activities, and skills in working with families and caregivers. Previously, this requirement mandated completion within nine (9) months of employment. Individuals who have already completed the two (2)-hour training requirement are not required to repeat it.

HCAF is a DOEA-approved provider of the two (2)-hour ADRD training requirement for direct care workers through our online training portal, Developed by John S. Ryan, this comprehensive course may serve as a valuable refresher for any clinical or administrative personnel who may interact with individuals suffering from ADRD. The course offers 2.0 continuing education units for skilled nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology. The course is available for purchase here for $15, and HCAF members can save 20% using the monthly promotional code through the HCAF Hub discounts section. The course is also included in the Agency Edition for subscribers to share with their entire staff.

To centralize ADRD training requirements, the DOEA has consolidated the new training and related information on its website. Home health agency personnel are encouraged to explore the site to familiarize themselves with its layout and navigation.

For More Information

For questions or additional assistance, please direct inquiries to the DOEA at, or contact HCAF by calling (850) 222-8967 or clicking here to send us a message.

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