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HCAF Engages in Productive Policy Meeting With State Regulators

HCAF Engages in Productive Policy Meeting With State Regulators

Medicare Medicaid Private Duty Government Affairs & Advocacy

The Home Care Association of Florida (HCAF) recently held a significant policy meeting with state regulators from the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) on Friday, August 18. This meeting, aimed at addressing critical matters affecting home care providers, covered a range of pertinent topics.

In attendance at the meeting were HCAF Executive Director Bobby Lolley, RN, Senior Director of Policy, Advocacy & Communications Kyle Simon, along with Jimmy Card of Continental Strategy, HCAF's contract lobbyist. Joining them from AHCA were:

  • Austin Noll, Deputy Secretary for Medicaid Policy, Quality & Operations;
  • Kenneth Kniepmann, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Medicaid;
  • Melissa Vergeson, Chief of Medicaid Quality; and
  • Ann Dalton, Chief of Medicaid Policy.

During the course of the full-day meeting, HCAF's policy team engaged in in-depth discussions with AHCA representatives, focusing on the following key areas.

  • Nurse Delegation to Direct Care Workers: Participants delved into the intricate topic of nurse delegation to direct care workers in the home health and nurse registry settings. The objective was to ensure that this delegation process aligns with the best interests of home care providers and their clients.
  • Medicaid Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Compliance Issues: Based on feedback from HCAF's members, a significant portion of the meeting was dedicated to addressing compliance issues related to EVV. The goal was to streamline processes and enhance compliance across the spectrum.
  • State Health Care Provider Complaint Process: AHCA's representatives provided insights into their health care provider complaint process. This discussion offered attendees a clearer understanding of how issues are handled once they reach the agency. Additionally, AHCA emphasized the importance of separately submitting fraud-related complaints for distinct attention.
  • Medicaid State Plan Amendment Status: The status of the Medicaid state plan amendment was another focal point of the meeting. Stemming from the 2023 legislative session budget conforming bill (SB 2510), this amendment seeks to exempt Medicaid Private Duty Nursing (PDN) specialty providers from the new Medicaid provider enrollment requirements. AHCA representatives confirmed the process is currently underway.
  • Overview of 2024 Legislative Session Priorities: A comprehensive overview of HCAF's priorities for the upcoming 2024 legislative session was presented. These priorities encompass a diverse range of topics, including securing a Medicaid reimbursement rate increase and state-funded CNA training and testing, amending the Excellence in Home Health program, and advocating for legislation permitting contract nurses to conduct additional visits within the home care sector.

This impactful meeting highlighted HCAF's commitment to representing the interests of its members and shaping the trajectory of the home care industry in Florida. The discussions were characterized by a spirit of collaboration and a dedication to fostering positive change within the sector.

HCAF remains appreciative of the ongoing support from its members and encourages their continued engagement. As the association moves forward with its advocacy efforts, members are encouraged to provide feedback, ask questions, and offer suggestions to contribute to the advancement of the home care industry in the state.

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