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Buzz HIPAA Secure Communication and Collaboration Platfrom powered by Skyscape



Tele-Based Service Software/Hardware/Information Management



Skyscape’s Buzz® Communication and Collaboration platform. Skyscape® has been a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions for more than 20 years. Buzz, their unified communication and collaboration platform is designed for healthcare by the Skyscape team, and empowers healthcare teams to facilitate streamlined continuous case management in a HIPAA-secure environment. Buzz combines the power of document sharing and e-signatures, Skyscape’s trusted 400+ volume clinical library, Skyscape Lightning™ Plus - ChatGPT and communication channels including texts, dictation, private calls, audio, images, reports, file and video sharing, and EMR integration. Agencies using the Buzz platform have increased their efficiency allowing staff to work together in new ways, and quickly identify potential issues improving patient outcomes leading to doubling their HCAHPS scores. We look forward to meeting you! Stop by our booth to learn more about Buzz - our feature-rich HIPAA-secure communication & collaboration platform designed for healthcare. Ask about our free pilot

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Skyscape’s Buzz enables staff, third-party providers, and clients to communicate & collaborate in real-time from anywhere: Telehealth visits, document sharing, e-Signatures, and accessing medical knowledge.


Buzz HIPAA Secure Communication and Collaboration Platform

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